Banking and Finance

Satrio Law Firm represents foreign and domestic banks and other financial institutions in all aspects of banking and finance. Over the years attorneys at the firm have represented most of the major international banks in this region in project finance and other lending transactions.

We also advise on banking law and regulations governing financial institutions in general and the formation and licensing of banks, multi-finance companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

We have developed considerable expertise in asset based transactions, leasing, letters of credit, Indonesian security rights, over the counter (OTC) derivatives transactions based on ISDA, ISMA and BBA documentation, and Syariah banking and Syariah financial instruments (OTC and exchange based).

Attorneys at the firm have also been active in the area of structured finance and have advised on some of the first securitization transactions in Indonesia in the mid 1990s.

Our attorneys have been involved over the years in many of the large bank acquisitions in Indonesia.