Governmental Law

Satrio Law Firm has unparalleled experience in the representation of governments of sovereign states in connection with international disputes. SLF has advised the Indonesian Government on International trans-border issues including those in connection with a dispute with the Australian Government regarding environmental damage caused in Indonesian waters by the Montara oil and gas leak in the Timor Sea and the migration of effluent into Indonesian territorial waters. Indonesia had asked for clean-up of the environmental damage as there was no treaty applicable in this area. SLF represented the Indonesian Governments interests and was active in approaching and lobbying international bodies with influence over maritime law such as the International Maritime Organization. SLF has also advised the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Trade at the World Trade Organization regarding GATT. SLF provided deep analysis across all sectors regarding Indonesia’s commitments under GATT and advised where and when Indonesia should make concessions. SLF also worked closely with USAID in representing Indonesia’s interests.

SLF also works closely with other ministries in Indonesia and has close contacts among others at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Ministry of Finance.