Oil and Gas

Satrio Law Firm’s Oil and Gas practice provides top quality legal advice and transactional support to domestic and international companies operating in the oil and gas, geothermal, and renewable energy sectors. We are fully familiar with the organization and operations of BPMigas and BPHMigas, its role under Indonesia’s new Oil & Natural Gas Law, and issues relevant to upstream and downstream operators. We advise oil and gas contractors and services companies on the negotiation and execution of Cooperation Contracts including Production Sharing and Technical Assistance contracts as well as oil field support service contracts covering drilling, maintenance, and transportation. In addition, we advise on permit and license requirements for upstream and downstream operational activities, as well as act as local counsel for lenders in the financing of major oil and gas projects. We advise on such matters as the sale and acquisition of assets, farm ins, land titles, packaging of bids, oil, gas and geothermal rights, drilling and operating agreements, joint venture agreements, oil, gas and geothermal energy purchase and sales contracts, and supply and transportation contracts.

As regulations in this sector are continuously changing, we have a good relationship with officials of the Directorate General of Oil and Gas and BPMIGAS and keep abreast of proposed changes in the laws that regulate the oil and gas sector, including procurement regulations.

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