Good corporate governance requires a system of rules and procedures governing the manner by which a company is operated and controlled. The importance of good corporate governance cannot be overstated and is key to ensuring that your company is operating efficiently, ethically and transparently, each of which are key elements to attracting investors and financiers, satisfying regulatory requirements and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. The maintenance of up-to-date, complete, well drafted and organized corporate books and records is key to the successful management, growth and profitability of your business in Indonesia.

At Satrio Law Firm, we assist you with the Four P’s: the governance of interactions between purpose, people, processes and performance. Satrio Law Firm will assist you in ensuring that your corporate structure is functioning properly and ready for any due diligence, enabling your company to impress investors, shareholders, financial institutions, government agencies and other stakeholders with clear, well organized, up-to-date constitutive documentation.

Satrio Law Firm will assist you in the establishment, structuring and management of your Indonesian domestic and foreign investment limited liability company. We offer a complete range of corporate services designed to ensure that you are able to successfully, efficiently and lawfully manage and operate your business in Indonesia.

Clients receive sophisticated and practical advice and assistance concerning joint venture and shareholder agreements, the assembly and preparation of documentary requirements for corporate establishment, permits, the lawful scope of permissible business activities, minimum capitalization requirements, shareholder control and director management authority limitations.

We draft and amend customized deeds of establishment, the foundational document of all Indonesian limited liability companies, to fit the ever-changing needs of your business. These documents contain the agreement among the shareholders setting forth, among other things, the principles governing:

  • objectives and purposes
  • share capitalization
  • rights and liabilities of shareholders
  • limitations on transfers of shares
  • share registers and certificates
  • general and extraordinary meetings of shareholders
  • composition, authority, meetings, appointment, suspension, resignation and termination of directors and commissioners
  • work plans and inter-company organ reporting requirements
  • financial book year and audit requirements
  • use of profits and distributions of dividends
  • rules for amending articles of association
  • rules governing mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and spin-offs
  • dissolution and liquidation

From the time of corporate establishment and throughout the life of your company, Satrio Law Firm will administer and prepare all documents required for government filings and interactions with notaries and other relevant agencies in order to duly establish and properly maintain your company’s safe, secure, compliant and functional corporate existence, preserve the limited liability of shareholders and document and record mandatory corporate events.

Our practice is active in commercial transactions, finance, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring.

We also provide advice on foreign and domestic labor relations, including drafting company employment regulations and agreements governing the rights and responsibilities of labor and management in relation to individual employees and labor unions.

Let Satrio Law Firm be your guide to Indonesian corporate law.

Satrio Law Firm looks forward to the opportunity to assist you with all of your corporate law needs.
We look forward to hearing from and working with you.


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